One Burglary every half an hour in Hampshire!.

Don’t be a statistic.

“I have a second home and it is great to be able to see it and know everything is ok ” - Ann Carver

Having a burglar alarm is just not enough  See your home from your iPhone
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Can we Help you? We fit to houses providing you can answer yes to the following:

Are the walls of the property red brick?

Would you be ok with a black wire around your property at below bedroom window height?

Is there ladder access around the property with no obstructions?


Is the answer YES? Then we can help you  a 2 camera system starts at £770 and a 4 camera system £999. Our cameras should not be mistaken for lower quality units we only fit quality cameras 1000TVL most lower spec systems are 420TVL if you are getting quotes ask what is the number of TV lines if the answer is not 1000 you know who to call.